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Who we are?

Our strength is strategic planning, system thinking and the development of others.

Judit and László, the co-owners

Together, we have more than 50 years of work experience.


We have decades of experience in designing and implementing low-voltage systems for sports complexes, hotels, university buildings and office buildings. Our Team has  managed and built VoIP telecommunications companies in six countries in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on tasks such as wholesale or product development.

With its thorough knowledge of project financing, low-voltage installation and IT system integration, our team can do a lot both as consultants and contractors. Our company successfully prepared the final report of the only large smart city project for the Government Information Technology Development Agency.

With our expertise, we have helped many low-voltage integration projects in 8 European countries and the United States, in areas such as dispatch support, telecommunications, access systems, fire safety, surveillance camera systems, ticketing, automation, etc.


Our team

Due to the effect of the crisis, the calculation of the return time of investments has become much more uncertain. This is why the demand for plannable cost reduction opportunities increased significantly.

One such opportunity is in the design, construction and operation of low voltage systems. FSGlobal provides a tangible, reference-supported solution to this need and provides corporate management consulting services and effective assistance in developing an operational strategy.

FSGlobal manages the entire range of low-current systems as one unit, from demand assessment to construction and operation. Our portfolio includes the implementation of stadium and hotel security systems (VoIP, camera, access control, application development, data collection device development – E.g. controller+reader), and system integrations.

Our team consists of IT security technology experts, low voltage installers and developers, colleagues with more than 10 years of experience in the field of administration of start-up companies, who look for positive ideas and support organizations by encouraging teamwork in order to achieve success.

Our strength is strategic planning and system thinking and the development of others.

About us

Our experience in the past decades

Lukács László

Laszlo Lukacs is Flexible System Global Kft.’s  majority owner. After my career as a professional volleyball player, I spent a decade building the leading company in the Hungarian police remote monitoring and security technology market (RIMI, HUF 1.2 billion in sales in 2004) as an operational manager. After that, my tasks were commercial director of remote vehicle monitoring and management of a remote monitoring company in Hungary and Romania.

My next ten-year assignment was a project in the field of low current and telecommunications (project size of HUF 5.5 billion), which I successfully completed as project manager and then as CEO from 2010. I managed the design, implementation and operation of the low-current systems of the Győr sports complex (ETO Park), Mecsek-Dráva Waste Lift, Trigránit Management, Miskolc City Hall low-current reconstruction, MLSZ SBP projects, Lifestyle Hotel Mátra, New Museum of Ethnography, H of Hungarian  House of Music  and many other Hungarian sports and office project implementation.

VoIP wholesale and retail telephone service in six countries, then in 2015 as the managing director of the Hungarian Volleyball Association, the professional leader of the VSD, TFSE, METU and as a coach, I motivated professional and amateur athletes and prepared them for the challenges ahead. I worked as a consultant on the development of SmartCity concepts. Most recently, for 2.5 years, as Interim Manager, I performed the executive duties  as Interim manager of the Hungarian Salesian Order  for – and non-profit Kft.

László Lukács

Judit’s has prepared and establish the launch of a new International Sports Diplomacy Program at HUSS. The program is a one-year, hybrid postgraduate program designed to shape the sport diplomats of tomorrow.

The 26% co-owner of Flexible System Global Kft. is the head of the International Relations at the Hungarian University of Sports Science, Hungarian-English teacher, university researcher, internationalization expert, project manager of several international research grants. She has been working in higher education for more than 30 years, holding a managerial position for 10 years.

Her most significant projects include the Sports and Innovation International Conference organized for the 4th time with the participation of 16 countries, the development and operation of the internationalization integration model of two universities, and the Teaching Excellence English language training program established with the University of New Mexico and the leader of the newly established International Sports Diplomacy Program at HUSS.

In addition to her profession, she is a researcher, business coach and interpreter. She coordinates the company’s professional meetings, promotes the assurance of scholarship, participates in communication, dissemination and networking tasks and maintains international relations related to the project.

Today is a good day to start making a difference. Stronger than yesterday. –by Judit Kadar



We have gained experience in many areas, and our partners use the systems developed and installed by us with satisfaction.


Our values

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